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Friday, 10 September 2010

My baby:Rouge Blossom

             Last week while walking past the Dior counter in Debenhams suddenly my eyes got attracted to a collection of lipsticks and I was like "what are these..let me try one and see".Voila!!! Once again I fell in love.I tried one random lippy and it was extreamly soft, creamy and moisturizing(what more can we ask for in a Lipstick).

            So these were the Dior Rouge Lipsticks and I immediately fell(Yes..All over again) in love with Rouge Blossom and the number is 644. It falls in reds category but very wearable.As said "Desired things are difficult to get" this colour was out of stock. Didn't lose my heart ,came back home and ordered online. And finally the pack arrived yesterday.

            So here are some pics

The parcel:

Some Free samples:

My Baby:

The Lippy(With Flash)

Swatch(Without Flash)

Me rocking the blossom

  Comment below and let me know what you guys think about this colour. Have a rocking weekend.


  1. Lovely colour on you! It kind of reminds of Mac Viva glam Cyndi...

    I just received a Debenhams parcel today taking advantage of current discount offers and free delivery, I had some free samples like yours but no bare minerals in mine - boo.

  2. It's a very pretty and natural colour :)

    btw, I love your videos too - it's amazing to see a fellow south indian doing makeup on youtube!

    I have a request - could you do a post/video on your favourite lipsticks? Both natural and bold shades? It would help all the indian girls out there :D

  3. @diane-thanks..both the lipsticks look the same in the pics.....but outside they are kind of different....dior one is much moisturizing..where as cyndi is an unique colour..

  4. @ki..thanks a lot for all the love and encouragement...
    i too was actually planning to a fav lipsticks video...will do it soon..keep checking my youtube channel...suggest my channel to all your frens as well...;)

  5. Saw the video :D thaaaank you :-*

  6. ur videos are awesome ;))) i do watch it reguarly...hpe yo knw telugu chala chala bagundhiii;)))))


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