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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I am on YouTube now!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone...

                       First of all I am very sorry for not updating my blog lately. Had been little busy....But busy with what???? Yes...You guessed it right. I have started my youtube channel and its called indianbeautie. I know the name should have spelt indianbeauty but it was not available and I didn't want to go with any other name so just changed the spelling.

                    The link for my youtube channel is

So if you like my blog, please have a look at my channel as well and if you like  that as well kindly subscribe. I look little scared and nervous in my videos but I know with everyone's love and support I will do better.



  1. Your eyes look great in the HAUL video!

  2. @miri-thanks a lot. I will do the look in future. If you like my videos please subscribe.Thanks again

  3. Your you tube video looks great! Can you order from Forever 21 online? Do they ship to you?

  4. @chanel-thanks.I havnt ordered online...i am not sure if it can be done..

  5. I just discovered your blog. It's very nice and informative!! :)
    Congrats on your YT channel.


  6. Hey,I just checked out your Y tube channel don't look scared...not at all. did a gud job.Congrats
    XO Yuvna


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