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Monday, 26 April 2010

Moisture for very dry hair....

Hi everyone,

                     Many of us have the problem of very dry hair and we try many products to moisture our hair. But we forget that all the products that we use may temperorily moisture our hair but should'nt forget that all the products are made of chemicals and can eventually spoil the hair.

                    So here I am to give a small advice on how to moisturize your hair without using any chemicals.
  • Take a small bowl.
  • Take some coconut oil into the bowl.
  • Take some Olive oil and mix it into the coconut oil.
  • Warm Up the mixture of the oil. Make sure that the oil is not very hot otherwise it may make your scalp dry.
  • Now using your finger tips or a cotton ball apply the oil on your scalp and then on the whole hair towards the ends.
  • You can do this either in the night before sleeping or some 2 hours before washing your hair.
  • Hair can be washed as usual.
PS:Incase of applying the oil before sleeping then put a towel on the pillow, so that the pillow doesnt get spoiled because of oil stains.



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