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Thursday, 15 April 2010

10 Most Essential Things in Ladies Handbag

I have seen so many articles on what are the 10 most essential things in your handbag but have never seen anything exclusive for "10 most essential things in an Indian woman' s handbag" considering the climate in India.So as per my opinion the essential things are:

  1. Mobile Phone : I am sure everyone agrees with me that we all love our mobile phone and can't live without it. For me that's the most essential to stay in touch with family and friends and can also check my mails and obviously poke my friends through Facebook[I am totally addicted to my i phone 3GS...I SIMPLY LOVE IT].
  2. Wallet : I prefer a wallet with lots of slots in it. Slots are helpful to keep our things in an organised way. A slot for notes, loose change, credit and debit cards and other important things.
  3. Comb or hair brush : No one wants to look as if they have just got up from the bed. So its always better to keep a comb or a hair brush(Whatever you prefer or suits your hair).
  4. Wet or dry Tissues : India being a very dusty and hot country its always preferable to keep a pack of dry or wet tissues(again that depends upon preference, but wet tissues keeps you more fresh). If you have any plans after the work or college you can always freshen up by cleaning your face with a wet tissue and reapplying your make up.
  5. A good Lip balm : Cracked or chapped lips are always a turn off.And dry lips can be pretty uncomfortable to you as well. So a lip balm is always good in summer(even summers can cause dry lips because od dehydration) or winter for smooth and soft lips[I personally prefer Nivea Essential Care].
  6. A pressed powder : A pressed powder always makes you look fresh. So by carrying it in your bag you can always reapply it in any part of the day which gives you a fresh and glowing look through out the day[While buying a pressed powder make sure that it matches your skin tone]
  7. A compact Mirror : I'm pretty sure I needn't even convince you why even woman needs a compact in her bag :)
  8. Lip gloss : You can put a lip gloss in your bag so that you can reapply it whenever you think the lip gloss/lipstick what you have applied in the morning has faded away[I change the lip gloss in my bag everyday, I carry the same color whatever I apply at the start of the day]
  9. Travel Size Deodorantt : Again I needn't convince anyone to do this. India being so hot, we tend to sweat a lot. So its advisable to carry a small Deo so that we can give some relief to people around us:)
  10. Mint : Last but not the least, its better to carry a pack of mint. We don't want to scare away people with bad breath....Right!!!
That was the list of things those are very essential to be in one's bag. But I carry few extra things:
  • Novel : As I am a avid book reader , I always carry a book in my bag (yeah, I have a pretty huge bag...btw i love huge bags...and i hurt my shoulders carrying the bad ;)
  • A notebook or a Journal : On which I can jot down the list of things I have to do or some random thoughts.
I hope this article has been helpful to everybody.If you like this article please comment below. Will be back with some more.


  1. Love this post. I always keep so much stuff in my purse.

    Check out my blog....I'm a newbie too to the blog world.

  2. @Chanel-hey.Thanks a lottttt..I have checked your blog and I like it..I am already following you. Keep following my blog I will definitely come up with more interesting posts.

  3. Hey

    Welcome to the blogger world. I enjoyed reading this post. Can't wait to see your other posts!


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